1x4 resin bond diamond stones for knife sharpening

1x4 diamond stone backs


























These stones measure .287" thick x .975" wide x 4" long. The backs are .225" thick with a minimum .062" thick diamond/resin matrix. Below are the prices of the individual stones, shipping is extra. To order please call the number at the bottom of the page. In time online ordering will become available. Save 10% when buying a full set.


1x4 Diamond Stones
160m $32
80m $28
40m $25
20m $25
10m $25
5m $25
Full Set $144




Mounting method of Columbia Gorge Stoneworks diamond stones

1x4 inch diamond stones

























This shows what the dovetail on the ends of the backs is for. We will be making holders for the different stones starting with the 1"x4" stones first.