Columbia Gorge Stoneworks, Inc.

Introducing a new line of resin bond diamond knife sharpening stones. They are the culmination of 20 years of making them in many different formats, with many different abrasives, used in high production applications both motorized and by hand. While these exact shapes are new the construction and diamond/resin matrix is very well proven. These stones virtually don’t wear with proper use and are easy to dress when needed. Since they don’t break down themselves while sharpening the only mess is the water and swarf from your knife. The downside is after you get used to this you won’t want to use your other stones.

We CNC machine the bodies from 6061-T6 bar stock then mold the diamond/resin matrix to them for the best accuracy and stability. We put as much high quality diamond in these stones as is feasible. Any more does not improve their cutting performance but does increase the rate of wear. We only use diamond, there are no other abrasives or fillers. The aluminum and resin are made in the U.S. and the diamond is processed here from foreign feed stock. We do all the work ourselves so these truly are American Made.